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Stone of Mercy

The Chinese Communist Party ≠ Chinese

Video:Stone of Mercy
Aibum:Take Down The Evil CCP
Producer:Tang Ping
Screenwriter: Ivan
design: Davinci
3D Production:Isaac
Copyright:G MUSIC LLC

Thursday, March 30, 2023



Kun Lun soil


Character: Extremely light and soft, strong yet gentle, symbol of mercy, compassion, and balance.

In ancient times, a sudden catastrophe broke the peaceful life on earth. It was recorded in the Book of Prince of Huainan that "four poles of the earth were abolished, and nine states were torn apart". Nu Wa took the sacred soil from the peak of Mount Kunlun, made a five-colored stone out of it and patched the sky. The Kun Lun soil grows in wind, and hardens by water. It is the softest yet firmest sacred material in the world.

When the Kun Lun soil appears, a virtuous person will use this sacred soil to save the world.



Take Down The Evil CCP


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Single:Stone of Mercy
Author:Tang Ping & S.F.G
Album:Take Down The Evil CCP
Composer:Tang Ping & S.F.G
Vocals:Tang Ping S.F.G WilliamWong
Style:Religious music
Copyright:G MUSIC LLC

Stone of Mercy
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